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    How to Find a Tax Specialist in San Francisco

    ProActive Tax SolutionsTax Help How to Find a Tax Specialist in San Francisco
    How to Find a Tax Specialist in San Francisco

    How to Find a Tax Specialist in San Francisco

    “I started to find my previous tax preparer a little difficult to work with,” Sunita Rao of Marin shared with us.

    Sunita describes a common problem: she had a CPA who had done her taxes for years, and while nothing had gone wrong in this professional relationship, it still wasn’t optimal. That’s why a networking partner recommended she speak to Georgia Rogers of ProActive Tax Solutions.

    Sunita says, “It felt like an opportunity to try someone new. I got a good vibe from her.”

    From Personal to Business Tax Preparation and More

    Initially, ProActive Tax Solutions handled Sunita’s personal taxes. Things went so smoothly that Sunita referred her business partner, Dr. Matthew Lewin. He is the CMO, President and Founder of their company, Ophirex Inc.

    Sunita says, “His taxes are always are a bit more complicated than mine as he has multiple 1099s and W-2s.”

    Matt was similarly impressed with Georgia’s work, and he suggested she take on their corporate taxes, as well.

    “We started out as a two-man company, and as we’ve grown, she became a consultant,” Sunita says. “She helped us with anything we got stuck on.”

    Efficient and Hands-On Tax PreparerEfficient and Hands-On

    Sunita describes Georgia’s efficient, hands-on approach with their corporate account. She researched financial issues for them and found tax deductions they hadn’t considered. She even helped them put together budgets for grant applications.

    “Some of the government grants that we’ve applied for (like the SBIR-1, -2, and -3), we have to come-up with specific budgets down to the penny.”

    Sunita says they would put together initial budget spreadsheets and Georgia reviewed them. She found and corrected errors in their applications and improved their proposals.

    “Without Georgia’s help on these grants, I really don’t think we would have succeeded.”

    Honesty and Integrity

    In the last six years, Ophirex Inc. has grown in ways Sunita and Matt could not have anticipated. Their company is no longer the two-person operation it was when they began, and they’ve had to make some adjustments.

    According to Sunita, one of the best things about working with ProActive Tax Solutions is knowing she can trust Georgia.

    Last year, after several years of preparing Ophirex Inc.’s taxes, Georgia told them, “You’re now at the point where you’re ready to graduate to a more sophisticated corporate tax preparer.”

    “It takes integrity to tell someone that they should hire a different business,” Sunita says. She was grateful, all over again, that she hired Georgia and ProActive Tax Solutions.

    Georgia still prepares personal taxes for both Sunita and Matt. Sunita says it was a no-brainer – she will stick with Georgia as long as she’s in business.

    “Taxes for me are no longer stress-inducing. Georgia has trained me well on what I need to provide – it’s seamless. I have an Excel template I drop everything into that I use year in and year out. It’s become routine and easy.”

    free-tax-prep-corte-maderaThe North Bay Financial Tax Experts

    Every year, Americans stress over filing their taxes, but working with ProActive Tax Solutions has diffused this dreaded chore. Sunita says that April is no longer a stress-inducing month, and she is able to stay on top of her finances all year.

    “Throughout the year, I have quite a bit of contact with Georgia. If I have a question I reach out. She’s easily approachable and helps me stay on top of things.”

    She recalls a time last year when Georgia helped with a real estate sale. “The bank needed us to fill out a document and we just forwarded it straight to her. She took care of it right away.”

    Sunita says that ProActive Tax Solutions has given her peace of mind when it comes to her finances, and after working with Georgia for six years, she feels more in control of her money than ever.

    Georgia Rogers, E.A. has helped thousands of Marin individuals and businesses through ProActive Tax Solutions. She is an IRS-Enrolled Agent with over 25 years of experience. Tax return services start at $650; to see our full tax services pricing breakdown, click here.

    ProActive Tax Solutions just off the 101 at the Tamalpais Drive exit. Call us now at (415) 924-6240 for your free, 30-minute consultation.