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    Are You Looking Forward to Tax Season?

    Most people would answer “no” to that question. In fact, many individuals and businesses put off their tax filing until the last possible moment. Why? Because they don’t like to think about taxes at all. If you are an individual, business owner, or real estate investor located in Marin County, you may want to join ProActive Tax Solutions’ roster of clients who list these benefits when working with us:

    • Elimination of the dread, stress and oppressive feeling that goes along with doing your own taxes
    • Stress reduction
    • Peace of mind along with expert advice and potential tax savings
    • Clean, skillfully prepared tax returns, filed with no red flags
    • Access to astute tax experts whose professional scrutiny and engagement help you make informed decisions

    Life Transitions Can Mean Tax Implications

    Since life can often feel like a wheel of fortune, most people don’t consider the tax implications of their actions until after something happens.

    wheelAt ProActive Tax Solutions, our services are designed to help you take every opportunity available to pay less in income taxes. We encourage our clients to contact us before making major decisions, whether it relates to the timing of a home sale, the stipulations in a divorce settlement, or the use of a retirement IRA before age 59 ½. We’ll help you know the rules and the tax consequences before signing your name on the dotted line.

    Examining Your Business Decisions

    Our clients represent more than tax returns to us. We take pleasure in asking the questions that reveal your vision, your trajectory, and the level of planning needed to reach your goals. We can provide clarity on how your business income filters into your personal return. We work with solopreneurs who are happy to stay that way, and others who are on the cusp of incorporation, or have already become an LLC, a C Corp or an S Corp. Whatever stage your business is in, we can help you with your tax planning, filing, and estimated taxes.

    Real Estate Investing to Grow Your Portfolio

    Until 2008, real estate was considered the quickest way to build wealth safely. Today, even through the current slow recovery, real estate is still a great bet. As a real estate investor, you need to stay informed about the best tax-saving strategies available to you. If you buy a property, avoiding dealer status, and choosing the right form of entity for ownership can make a big difference when documenting deductions at tax time. When selling a property, you may actually avoid capital gains, if you know how. Our staff possesses extensive experience with real estate tax returns.