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    January 2019

    What Home Office Deductions Can Save Me Money?

    Changes in the tax laws affecting businesses may have many of you wondering what tax deductions are still allowable. In fact, you may be wondering what qualifies as home office use, period. Let’s take a look. First, the home office will qualify if you use it as your administrative office for your business. This is true, whether you operate as a sole proprietor, an LLC or a corporation. With the new tax law, Section 280A was amended to provide that a home office may qualify as a principal place of business. What Does “Principal Place Of Business” Mean In Practice? You’ll want to be sure...

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    Do the New Federal Tax Laws Effect Californians?

    The simple answer? Federal tax changes do affect Californians. The complicated answer is yes, and the effect varies throughout much of the rest of the country, too. It's Not That Easy of an Answer Some states fell into line with the sweeping, and sometimes confusing, changes to the federal tax code. And others, like California did not. California state legislators refused to come to any agreement on adopting all of the Republican’s new changes in the federal tax code to the state tax code. In fact, it was 2015, the last time California conformed. For Californians, that does not mean we are off...

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