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    2018 Tax Law Help Available in Corte Madera

    ProActive Tax SolutionsTax Help 2018 Tax Law Help Available in Corte Madera

    2018 Tax Law Help Available in Corte Madera

    The new tax overhaul passed by Congress late last month, means you’ll need to prepare for accounting changes now.

    It won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone following the process, that the administration is pushing for fast implementation of the changes.  However, not everyone is certain just how to make accurate estimates to withholding so that employers don’t end up under-withholding.

    The new tax table information was released by the IRS the second week of January and the code changes to allowable tax deductions are many.

    If you are looking for answers, a call to the IRS might not be the best way to obtain a response. An IRS official has warned that the IRS can’t handle its current call volume and with the new tax changes a sharp increase in phone calls is predicted. The IRS estimates an additional budget increase, in 2018 and 2019, of $495 million will be needed for system updates, the drafting of new documents and to respond to taxpayer calls.

    How to Find a Local Qualified Tax Preparer

    Those without a tax preparer would be wise to find one. Even for the hopeless procrastinators out there, you might want to start the hunt for a reputable tax preparer now.

    This bill is the first serious change to the tax code since the mid-80’s. You’ll want a tax professional familiar with how the changes impact your tax liability.

    Get Started Now

    questions-ask-tax-professionalThe IRS provides tips for choosing a tax preparer, but before you call anyone take a look at this. Last year we provided our readers with the five questions to consider when searching for a preparer. This year, you will want to add questions about how the tax preparer went about learning the new codes and their implications.

    We know how overwhelming the changes can be to the average tax payer. The changes for business owners are also complex, both in terms of employee payroll and allowable business deductions.

    You can schedule an appointment to talk with a professional tax preparer at ProActive Tax Solutions with no obligation. Find out how these tax code changes will impact your bottom line. Taking steps early can save you from headaches and unnecessary mistakes requiring corrections later in the year. Give us a call at 415-924-6240 or click here to send an email directly to our office.